Looking after Children (Guardianship)

Guardian (Noun) -a person who is legally responsible for the care of someone who is unable to manage their own affairs, especially a child whose parents have died. As a parent, if you are considering your estate, it is a crucial element of this process that you look at Guardians for your children (either natural […]

Don’t go breaking my heart… or my Will

We’ve all heard the jokes that post lockdown and the coronavirus phase the rate of pregnancies and divorces are going to rise and although this is a bit tongue in cheek it’s also true that the pressure of households together 24/7 in these very unusual circumstances can put a strain on families. I thought, therefore, […]

Weird Wills and their legacies…

The purpose of a Will is to distribute your estate after your death according to your wishes so it’s an important thing to do to protect your loved ones. How you do this is entirely up to you and there are very few restrictions on what you can and cannot leave to friends or family. […]

Addressing misconceptions about LPAs

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is only in force during your lifetime, it is a document which gives powers to your attorney(s) to make decisions for you if you are unable to make them yourself.  There are two types of LPA although there is no obligation to create both: One that governs your property […]

The effect of Coronavirus on Will Signings

We have written blogs before about the importance of the Will writing process and the legalities involved. The process and the documents themselves are tied up in some pretty ancient legislation as they’re still based on the Wills Act of 1837, written in Queen Victoria’s reign and many of the elements were designed to protect […]

Why a Will? Easing the way for your loved ones after you’ve gone

Despite the fact that having a Will has a number of very clear benefits – not least of which is that you can choose what happens to your estate after you die – statistics still show that over half the UK population die without making a valid Will and approximately 5 million people don’t even […]

During Covid-19 – an update

I think it’s safe to say that these are unprecedented times, we are seeing something we have never seen  across the whole world with the Covid-19 virus and in response we see businesses, schools and our countries infrastructure have to change as well. I have already received a lot of calls from people concerned about […]

What happened last year…

This month I thought I’d share with you a round up of all the pieces of legislation, news and developments related to estate planning from last year. Small changes happen all the time which is why it’s important to employ a Will Writer who understands legal implications and is committed to continuous professional development. As […]

The alh legal journey

#shecan365 is an amazing website that showcases female entrepreneurs and everything they can achieve. Beginning on International Women’s Day 2019, SheCan365 will bring you a daily interview with an inspirational woman in business. Told in exactly 365 words, each story will celebrate a female entrepreneur whose superpower is showing up every day – making the […]

What if my executor has lost mental capacity?

When you name executors in your Will, you hope that they will be fit to carry out their duties when the time comes.  But what if your executor is unable to carry out their duties due to illness?  Recently, the court has considered whether an executor’s attorney (appointed under a Lasting Power of Attorney) can […]


One thing I have learned in my 8 years as a Will Writer is that everybody’s circumstances are different. Any Will is valid as long as it is written and signed in accordance with the criteria in section 9 of the Wills Act 1837, but this does not necessarily mean that the Will meets the […]

How do you own your property?

When you are writing your Will and deciding what happens to your property it is important that you understand how it is actually owned as this can affect what you can and cannot do in your Will. It could also mean that extra trusts have to be put in to protect loved ones from losing […]

The Virtual You

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?  I am willing to bet that you reach for your phone or tablet and check emails and social media even before you make your morning coffee – am I right? These days so much of our lives are lived online- not […]

Why is document storage important?

When you create your Will or any other important document it is crucial that you then store it somewhere safe. There are several options for doing this: At home in a safety deposit box, filing cabinet or home safe Online storage (for copies) Storage with your bank or your solicitor Secure offsite storage When looking […]

Keeping your Will up to date

With 7 billion people in the world and 66 million in the UK you imagine that estate planners would be run off their feet writing Wills but the truth is that it is estimated over half the population of the UK don’t have a valid Will (the researched figure from a recent Royal London study […]