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We’ve all had those moments where we can’t find something important, some paperwork we need to look at or a
You may have read one of my blogs before about Lasting Powers of Attorney and how these can help you
People managing their loved ones’ affairs will find it easier to safeguard their finances and wellbeing after a new online
When writing your Will, you must appoint at least one executor. An executor is a person named in your Will
Recently, I wrote a blog about the most common myths that people hold about Lasting Powers of Attorney which included
Not only are we living in an increasingly digital age where social media and an online presence are becoming the
Guardian (Noun) -a person who is legally responsible for the care of someone who is unable to manage their own
We’ve all heard the jokes that post lockdown and the coronavirus phase the rate of pregnancies and divorces are going
The purpose of a Will is to distribute your estate after your death according to your wishes so it’s an
A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is only in force during your lifetime, it is a document which gives powers
We have written blogs before about the importance of the Will writing process and the legalities involved. The process and
Despite the fact that having a Will has a number of very clear benefits – not least of which is