Where is your ‘safe place’

We’ve all had those moments where we can’t find something important, some paperwork we need to look at or a certificate we just can’t find, but we know that we’ve put them in a ‘safe place’; imagine if that missing document was your Will and your loved ones were unable to find where you’d stored it after your death.

Writing your Will is such an important task but it’s just as important to ensure that your Will can be located in the event of your passing. This blog considers some of the ways you can do this.

  1. Make sure your EXECUTOR knows – this is probably the most important one. I always encourage testators (those writing a Will) to inform their executors of the role they will be expected to play and alongside that, where they can find the Will if anything were to happen.
  2. Use a THIRD PARTY – You can use some third parties to store and look after your Will (and any other important documents) such as a solicitor or your bank. There will, sometimes, be a cost associated with this service.
  3. Use a secure STORAGE facility – These are specifically designed to house your important documents (not just Wills) and offer protection against fire, flood and other adverse conditions. The Society of Will Writers offers such a service – which I can arrange on your behalf and which will incur a small annual fee.
  4. You can also REGISTER your Will – You can have your Will listed on the National Will Register (which currently has about 8.2million entries), this will ensure that there is a lasting record of your documents, even after a long amount of time, preventing complications and use of incorrect versions. There is again a small fee for listing on the Register.

If you want to talk about creating or updating your Will or about storage then you can contact me at the details below.