The point of good note taking at any Will instruction

When I attend a Will instruction I always bring with me a standard alh legal document which covers all of the important questions I need to ask in order to make your Will. Sometimes this may seem like a lot of information but it’s key for understanding what you need and how I can best help you achieve that. In addition, the time we spend together allows me to get to know you, to understand your life and your situation – this means that if anything ever happens and your Will is disputed then I will be able to stand up in court and cite the reasons you made the decisions you did and that at the time you made those you were fully aware of their implications. Obviously, we all hope that it will never come to that but just in case it does it’s important your Will was written by a qualified professional who keeps the important records and notes that can support your wishes.

In the case of Barnaby v Johnson you can see why it is so important to take these detailed notes.

So whilst it’s not legally necessary to use a professional to write your Will this is just one example of why it does have it’s benefits. As a member of the Society of Will Writers I am subject to a range of policies and procedures which protect against these sorts of disputes.

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