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Congratulations! You have planned your estate and written your Will, so where should you keep it? Most people will just
If you are on your second marriage with children from a previous relationship then I have a story for you…
Talking to our families about death and funerals is always emotional.  But as money expert Martyn Lewis says – this
Can You Disinherit Your Children
You might have heard about the case of Heather Ilot, who was awarded £164,000 from her mother’s estate after a
What happens to your will if you get married_ – The In Contemplation of Marriage Clause
You have made your Will and have decided how much each of your children will receive in the event of
Planning on Setting Up Lasting Powers of Attorney? There are New Forms
In a previous article we have discussed why someone would want to set up Lasting Powers of Attorney as well
Flexible Life Interest Trust (FLIT) – An Ideal Solution for Blended Families
A Flexible Life Interest Trust is very useful for blended families, where the testator is concerned about their partner leaving
Charles Dickens’ Will and Funeral Plan - His Final Plot
Death is said to be the great leveller – even when it comes to the paperwork. The private life of
Business Succession Planning
At the beginning of 2015 there were an estimated 5.3 million small or medium sized businesses in the UK. It
What Happens When You Die Without a Will
Dying without a Will, also known as intestacy, can be a difficult and costly process. Your Will is a legally
The Protective Property Trust – Protect your assets for your children
Imagine the following family situation: Fred and Wilma, a happily married couple, one daughter, Pebbles. They want to make mirror Wills
Bizarre Requests from Beyond the Grave
Most of us want to leave our assets to our children and other loved ones and in most cases these