In consideration of looking after your Will

Congratulations! You have planned your estate and written your Will, so where should you keep it? Most people will just file the documents away and hope that a) someone will find them on the occasion of their death and that b) they are not lost in a fire/flood. To ensure the safety of your documents, why not use secure Will storage?

When considering Will storage there are two main factors that you need to consider:
1. How secure your documents are; and
2. How easy they are to access in an emergency
Of course, there are a number of options for this:
• Safety deposit box
• Filing cabinet at home
• Home safe
• Online storage (for copies)
• Storage with your bank
• Stored with your solicitor
• Secure offsite storage

Also, wherever it is stored, you must ensure that your executors know where to find your Will when needed.

The great news is if you use ALH Legal to make your Wills, I always retain an electronic, unsigned copy on my system so that if anything does happen a new copy can be made and arrangements made to sign this as before.

In addition, I can arrange for your Will to be stored at a secure, offsite facility through the Society of Will Writers where your Will is locked in a flood, fire and bomb proof storage area . You will then be given a Certificate of Safe Storage and 2 small cards (each no larger than a credit card) to give to your executors – all including a reference number and telephone number to call for retrieval as and when it is needed- by yourself or your executors.

The charge for this peace of mind is £25 per year for a single Will and £35 per year for a pair of Wills.

If you want to speak about Will storage just contact me on or 0115 878 0417.