Funeral Plans

Have you considered a Funeral Plan?

All through human history people have been planning what to do with their remains once they have died. From following ancient traditions to unusual and quirky funeral ideas, the list is endless.

Going back thousands of years, Egyptians built large burial chambers to prepare for their afterlife, whereas Vikings prepared their traditional longboats for a burning at sea. Pirates were said to have gold earrings which would cover the cost of their funeral.

Nowadays people want to decide on whether they are buried or cremated, where they are buried or what happens to the ashes as well as how elaborate a funeral should be. Some people make unusual requests such as that the funeral procession be led by a convoy of cranes or that the deceased be buried on their beloved motorbike (both real life cases).

You can only be guaranteed that your wishes will be carried out if you have in place a prepaid funeral plan. Making a funeral plan in advance has many benefits:

  • Peace of Mind
    You write your funeral wishes, so relatives know what you would have wanted which can spare your family time and distress.
  • Thoughtfulness
    It shows that you care about your loved ones to not leave them having the financial and emotional burden of having to organise your funeral
  • Cost Guarantee
    The costs of the funeral director are guaranteed and other costs such as doctor’s or coroner’s fees are linked to the Retail Price Index
  • Security
    The funds you have paid in are totally secure. They are managed by a Board of Independent Trustees.
  • No Age or Health Restrictions
    You can take out a funeral plan at any time no matter what your age and no medical certificates are required.
  • Cancellation
    A full refund is given within 28 days from application. Thereafter a fee equivalent to 20% of the total value of the plan is deducted.
  • Easy Payment Option
    You can either pay with a single payment or with low interest instalments from 12 to 60 months.
  • Portability
    The plan can usually be placed with a new local funeral director if you move within the UK.

Prices for funerals have increased dramatically over the past 10 years and it is estimated that they will continue to do so. With a pre-paid funeral plan you can lock in today’s prices.

You can also include repatriation should you die abroad, which means that your body is sent back to the UK for the funeral.

There are different levels depending on your budget and/or how elaborate you want your funeral to be. You can decide now what you want, pay for it (all in one or in installments) and be safe knowing that all is taken care of.

I was giving a talk to a local ladies group in Nottingham.  As soon as I mentioned funeral plans, a lady in the audience stood up and told the group how her sister, who lived in Manchester, had died suddenly.  It was the middle of winter and it would have been difficult to get to Manchester to organise the funeral.  But because her sister had a prepaid funeral plan, one phone call was all that was needed to arrange the funeral.  She ended by saying that she believed everyone should have a funeral plan.  I wish I could take her with me to all of my talks!

If you would like to arrange a funeral plan or talk through the options, why not contact me, Amanda Harris, Your Local Will Writer. I am also a representative of the Golden Leaves Funeral Plans, who will provide everything mentioned above. Golden Leaves is a member of the National Associates of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans.

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