Resolve to make this Resolution in 2019…

I don’t know if you’re the type of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions (or if you’ve already broken them by now!) but even if you’re not there is one you should consider making for 2019 – getting your estate in order. If you don’t have a Will or if yours is out of date you should get organised and speak to someone about this today. 

I know I’ve mentioned this before but there are still so many people in the UK who do not have a valid Will in place.  If you die without a valid will, this is called “intestacy” which means set laws will decide what happens to your estate – that’s your property; possessions; money, your “stuff”. If you don’t have a will you do not get to decide what happens and not only to your estate, but also with regards to funeral preferences or guardianship for any children under 18 for example. This can cause distress and conflict for the people you leave behind which could have been avoided. The Society of Will Writers refers to this as “No Will, No Control”. 

Speaking to someone to get this sorted doesn’t have to be a painful or complicated process – and although you can do it yourself there are a number of reasons why you should use a professional (see my blog HERE) . If you did choose to use ALH Legal I will come and visit you in your home for an initial, no obligation conversation and if you decide to proceed all fees are quoted up front with amends and changes during the writing process included in the cost. I even come back to ensure your Will is signed properly and with evening and daytime appointments available.  My aim is to make it as easy for you as possible. 

And once you’ve made your Will? That isn’t the end of the process. If you die and the will can’t be found, it could be treated as if the will never even existed and as such you die intestate. Make sure that your will is kept somewhere secure, and that at the very least your executors know where it’s kept. Alh Legal and the Society of Will Writers, as well as your bank and perhaps solicitor offer storage of important documents – although it’s important your executors know where to look too! 

So think about making that one resolution and giving me a call today on 0115 878 0417 or email me on