The Rules of Intestacy

As a Will Writer I am passionate about the reasons why having a Will is important and I do a lot of talks, write blogs and generally try my best to make people aware of this. It is still a very real fact that over half the UK population die without having made a Will and this can have very specific repercussions for your estate… not least of which is the trouble and time it can cost your loved ones.

Although many people assume that you if you are married or with a long term partner they will automatically inherit everything that is sometimes not the case and a person who dies without a Will is subject to the laws of intestacy – or their estate is ‘intestate’.

Under the laws of intestacy only married couples can inherit, meaning that unmarried couples, civil parterships, same-sex couples not in a civil partnership, recent divorcees and relations by marriage (such as step-children) are not automatically entitled to inherit anything.

The rules of intestacy are as follows:

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