Why is document storage important?

When you create your Will or any other important document it is crucial that you then store it somewhere safe. There are several options for doing this:

  • At home in a safety deposit box, filing cabinet or home safe
  • Online storage (for copies)
  • Storage with your bank or your solicitor
  • Secure offsite storage

When looking at your options you should consider the ABC of storage…

If you are considering storing with me there are some great benefits that the Society of Will Writers (SWW) secure storage can offer:

  • If a private storage organisation (including solicitors) stop trading they hand all of their stored Wills to the SWW for continued Storage
  • You will receive a copy of your Will, together with a Certificate of Safe Custody and 2 small cards which can be given to your executors.  The certificate and cards all contain your unique Custody Reference Number and the phone number to ring to retrieve your documents.
  • The SWW storage location is secured against fire, flood and other damage
  • Any Will stored with the SWW is checked to ensure that are properly signed, witnessed and attested (therefore valid)
  • All documents arriving on site are scanned and then backed up – which is held off-site to ensure there is a failsafe should the worst happen
  • You can store any number of documents in your file- not just your estate management paperwork and it’s all for the same cost
  • If you store through ALH Legal I will complete all of the paperwork and the costs start at just £25 per year

If you are interested in storing your Will please get in touch and we can have a no obligation chat. Contact me on amanda@alhlegal-willwriters.co.uk or 0115 878 0417.