Funeral Wishes and your Will

As I’ve discussed before, the death of a loved can be a difficult time for those left behind, and it’s at this time that the grieving family will be expected to arrange a funera,  This can be difficult at such a challenging and emotional time. It is with this in mind that this week’s blog looks at including Funeral Wishes in your Will in order to address this and – hopefully- make the process easier for those left behind.

However, there is another reason that you might want to consider doing this and that is to ensure that any wishes you do have are met – whether that is in relation to whether you wish to be buried or cremated or what type of funeral service you wish to have (if any – more clients than ever are choosing not to have family present at the crematorium and just arranging a party instead).

The first thing to note is that funeral wishes in a Will are not legally binding – however, if you have appointed an executor you trust to respect your wishes then this is unlikely to be an issue. You wishes can be included in the Will or added to the Will as a letter of wishes – again, neither form is legally binding but allows you to express exactly what you would like to happen.

So, what do you need to consider when thinking about your funeral?

  • Whether you wish to be cremated or buried
  • If you wish to be buried is that in a traditional cemetery or natural woodland burial
  • Whether you want to have a religious ceremony.
  • Where your funeral should be held
  • If you are being cremated where would you like your ashes to be kept, buried or scattered
  • Whether you’d like flowers or donations at your funeral
  • How attendees should dress or if there is a particular colour theme
  • Whether there will be any music or any specific songs you would like played

Of course, you may decide that you are perfectly happy to leave these decisions to your loved ones and that is perfectly fine too – however, if you do have strong feelings about your funeral it might be worth considering.  Remember – many families will arrange the funeral before reading the Will.

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